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The Allay, a minority owned and operated joint venture by two hockey families that traveled across the country.  As we traveled, we noticed the marketplace was lacking the high-end accommodations in prime locations that it so desperately needed.  The Allay is filling that void in providing upscale, completely furnished, non-permanent housing solutions to those traveling in the greater Washington, D.C. area.  These short-term rental accommodations serve for the purpose of business, contract assignments, vacations and special events.  We offer all the amenities of a fine hotel, but we are so much more.  Your 5-star accommodations begin with us!


The Allay works closely with each client to ensure that the guest's stay is everything expected and much more.  We work hard to understand each guest’s need(s) and the purpose for their travel. Then, we go the extra mile to make sure that their time with us is memorable, worthy of a 5-star review, and a return visit! 


The Allay steps in where the marketplace is currently lacking. Guests are seeking the safe and secure comforts of home; however, they are not finding what they are looking for in the Manassas area.  We believe that our guests should be treated like the 5-star guests that they are.  That means 5-star accommodations with quality, safety and peace of mind!  

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The safety and security of all our guests are at the utmost importance.  We are seriously committed to utilizing many levels of state-of-the-art systems to ensure that each guest feels secure at every step.  We are fully equipped with remote-controlled keyless access, two-way external security cameras, CO2 detectors, noise monitors, smoke/heat/freeze sensors- all of which are tied into our central system and security logs.  We take precautions to ensure that if tampered with or triggered due to an “event”, the proper authorities are notified and dispatched immediately.  We want our guests to not only feel safe but to BE safe!